Automation Technologies 1/2013 (English)

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13 Dr. Andreas Gruchow, Member of the board, Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover, Germany





18 Thermal imaging cameras to detect problems with Solar Power Plants in India When solar energy panels threaten to fail, defects will usually generate heat. Luckily for Carlill Energy, because the company has successfully adopted the use of thermal imaging cameras to detect and identify problems with photovoltaic cells, junction boxes and grid network connections in a very early stage.





23 01 Jaime Alonso is Technical Director of the International Services Group at Pilz 02 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Adolph is Head of the Technology Division of TUV Nord CERT




27 Background: R&D Applications R&D applications of Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry are manifold and range from micro system technology to large scale mechanical engineering for e.g. the automotive sector and aerospace industry, medical technology, biomedical sciences, etc. Details are not focused in this article but can be found on

28 Continuous humidity measurement in gas-insulated switchgear Tobias Jung For the network operators and equipment manufacturers, the topics of smart grid and online monitoring are therefore gaining more and more importance. Particularly in the area of gas-insulated switchgear, the interest in continuous and digital monitoring has risen strongly. If the critical phases of both parameters are not identified in good time, the operational safety can be compromised.


30 Christoph Stahr The story of success of the pulsed colour laser is at the same time also the story of success of the FAYb (Fiber Amplified Ytterbium) laser marking system by Panasonic. Learn what is special about it and what the trends are.


32 Electronic overcurrent protection for DC 24 V applications Tobias Prem Many applications today require precise positioning, quick transport with conveyor systems and force-extensive actions such as lifting and lowering. Targeted implementation of these complex movements at the desired speed is used as well as electronically controlled brushless DC motors and frequency converters. The following contribution describes how such drive systems can be reliably secured.


34 Why string inverter technology is beneficial even in very large photovoltaik plants Get optimal utilization of your area, reduce effects of shading, install your PV system fast while keeping full freedom, use the built in commissioning, monitoring and control system to secure your investment and avoid expensive maintenance contracts. All the while you get high yields and a continuous stable production.






40 Big Data matches automation with operational intelligence Conrad Bautze The way in which machines communicate with each other to find out which parts are currently in production and whether demand is increasing or decreasing is becoming more complex. With this growing sophistication, it is no longer a big leap to production lines operating almost autonomously, thinking for themselves and independently adjusting to new versions and models. The future will see installations accessing IT systems and knowledge databases to obtain information in real time about production processes and the level of demand.


42 Efficient engineering along the value-added chain Tim Kramer, Thomas Weichsel There is still much potential for improving efficiency in switchgear manufacturing. In enclosure construction, significant time and cost savings can be realised along the entire value-added chain through automated processes in electrical design using CAE software. In addition to the software and the production machinery, the consistency and compatibility of the data is essential. Here, the consortium of Eplan, Rittal and Kiesling offers a worldwide unique solution.


44 How to save on installation materials in Wind Turbines Jens Andresen Wind power plants are highly complex systems where all the components need to be reliable and efficient. One way to increase the profitability of a wind turbine is to save on installation materials, such as cable entry systems and connector assembly frames. When these components are made of plastic rather than metal, their production is significantly cheaper.







51 SPS IPC DRIVES 2013 Robust housing solution protects PC and peripherals Housing expert Lohmeier (Germany) introduces its new generation of PC cabinets that are designed as stand-alone solutions to protect standard or industrial PCs, screens and peripheral components in sophisticated environments. The upper screen housing of the control cabinets is equipped with a sight door of break-resistant Makrolon and can only be unlocked with the keyboard folding door open. It can be designed lockable and contains an extensible mouse and keyboard deposit as well as an articulated arm for secure cable routing. Since it is a self-enclosed housing, the PC cabinet retains protection type IP54 even with the keyboard flap opened. Two USB interfaces to connect keyboard and mouse are integrated. Highly secure remote access platform for plant constructors Based on the tried and tested Gateways of the IGW/9xx family and the newly developed Security Server SSR/525, SSV (Germany) has now crated a complete remote access platform. The entire solution can be used universally and is suitable for Industry 4.0 applications as well. The gateways installed on site in the plant are connected to the central control and other sensors via several interfaces. Service PCs with the corresponding authorisation can access the plant entirely transparently from around the world via the SSR/525. Protection of the entire platform against external attacks was reviewed by an external service provider with special penetration tests. To warrant secure operation of the solution, it is necessary to operate the Security Server SSR/525 under complete internal control in the company or on the premises of a corresponding service provider.








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