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10 How the VDMA is supporting German companies in China RUBRIK NEWS AND MARKETS The German Engineering Federation VDMA in China represents the interests of over 3,100 mechanical engineering manufacturers from Europe. More than one fifth of their member companies are already active in China. In 2004, influential VDMA (German Engineering Federation) member companies in Europe made the decision to establish two representative offices in China: one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. Unlike the automotive industry, the market access for European mechanical engineering manufacturers in China is not limited but of course can be challenging. A team of 14 dedicated engineers, market experts and public relations specialists cater for the following areas: Agriculture Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Construction Machinery, Fluid Power Technology, Foreign Trade, Food & Packaging Machinery, Machine Tools, Metallurgy, Mining Machinery, Norms & Standards, Plastics & Rubber Machinery, Power Transmission Engineering, Robotics & Automation, Textile Machinery and Woodworking Machinery. The remit of the federation VDMA China has three pillar activities: to represent the interests of the machinery industry, to provide professional services and to organize exclusive member events. The federation represents the economic and technical interests of member companies in China among ministries and government institutions. To do so, they close- f+h Intralogistics 4/2016 ly monitor the overall political and economic developments as well as the market access conditions in the country. Position papers reflecting the needs of the industry and market reports showing the market potentials and overall developments will be compiled frequently. Another aspect is the support of individual VDMA member company interests, e.g. at opening ceremonies or ground breaking events. Furthermore VDMA is available for consultation to individual member companies and is offering a professional service portfolio, which includes technical standards, market access information, matchmaking, trade fair observation & participation and many more. Important for the VDMA member companies abroad is the network and the platform which they offer for certain machinery sectors and for all interested member companies. Every year, the representative office facilitate about fifty regular events and round table meetings in China with a focus on topics, which are one hundred percent related to mechanical engineering. The most important topics at the moment Actually China is the second most important customer market for European and German mechanical engineering manufacturers. From 2011 to 2015, the share of machinery exports from Germany to China accounted for over 20 percent of total China imports. From January to June 2016, German equipment manufacturers delivered equipment worth a value of 6.91 billion Euros to China. Another aspect is Chinese outbound investment in Europe with the aim to serve the European market and above all to improve competitiveness. This clearly causes some threat but it also might bear a positive momentum as it will make the discrepancy between the Chinese and European investment conditions and market ac-










20 Efaflex China: tailored solutions for future challenges RUBRIK CEMAT ASIA PREVIEW Efaflex, the high-speed door manufacturer, is using its Chinese subsidiary to prove that its customer-driven mindset knows no bounds. Efaflex (Shanghai) Industrial Doors Co. Ltd. was founded to ensure the company was better placed to respond to the needs of Chinese operators and the requirements of the Chinese market. Shengxue Wang is an expert in marketing premium brands as well as planning and establishing sales networks and has been the Managing Director of the company since the beginning of the year. She has studied and worked in Germany for more than ten years and values the reliability, innovative performance and engineering skills of German companies. f+h Intralogistics 4/2016 MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise

















37 Worldwide, renowned carmakers rely on quality products from Vorwerk & Sohn. As leading innovator in suspension technology, system components and materials, the company provides customers with solutions that are ahead of their time. The requirements of the automobile manufacturers set the benchmarks for the company. Bodywork transition and pass-through elements, tubes for ventilation or liquids, these are the products of Vorwerk Autotec. The components are manufactured in Germany, China, and Poland. Vorwerk Autotec production processes were not completely optimized yet. As there were only a few pieces of real-time data available from production, neither the current status of production was completely accessible nor was process data. Postings of activities and material stocks have been processed with delay. This was about to change by connecting the MES platform ? in cooperation with the Serkem GmbH, Germany ? which collected production data from 135 machines to SAP ERP in real time. The goal of the project: to make more effective use of the capabilities of both systems. In addition to increased transparency, targeted analysis as well as a further automation of production processes should be implemented. The Project ? SAP and MES with different tasks About 1,000 containers for production supply and production disposal are transported between stock and production every day by forklifts. There are ca. 40,000 accounting transactions for material movement in manufacturing, mostly in one-piece-flow. These material movements and production processes as well as production execution were planned to be optimized and accelerated. The rollout of the Serkem solution happened step by step. At first, the PDC interface was realized at the location in Wuppertal/Germany. Afterwards, the optimizations were rolled out and adapted to the regional specifications at the locations in Brodniza/Poland and Suzhou/China. Most of the tasks occur on the central SAP ERP system, where all information will be stored and evaluated. Requirements planning and postings of material movements are processed directly in SAP. Master data, components, order data, process data and packing instructions are maintained directly in SAP as well. This data is provided for the MES platform. The plant control ensures an automated production and detailed planning. All operating data will be recorded and reported to the SAP system. By relying on packing instructions from SAP, the MES also controls the packing of products and finally creates the corresponding SAP handling units (HU). About Serkem The Serkem GmbH, located in Eging am See, Germany, supports customers as an international service provider and certified SAP partner with operation and softwaresupport of SAP installations. The core competencies are consulting and implementation of customer-, supplierand internal business processes, as well as the support of complex system landscapes. The intelligent, custombuilt SAP solutions of Serkem can be implemented in the areas of Logistics, Finance and Controlling, Human Recources and Base/Support. Since 1997, Serkem is a competent and reliable partner for medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Integrated batch management Noteworthy at Vorwerk Autotec: the supply of production is controlled by the containers used (Kanban). At the beginning of production, not the total amount of components is supplied; instead, a 2-container-system is used. If a container is empty, the next container will be requested automatically. The MES can inform the SAP-system about when and where a new container delivery to a machine has to be made. Another highlight is the batch management in combination with the MES system. The batch information is defined through the arrival process and can be read by container in SAP by the MES system. At any time, the MES can retrieve data concerning the batch, the quantity and the material type for any containers on the machine from SAP. The most important feature of the new solution is the recording of operating data on machine level by the MES system. The amount of goods produced and the production time of the individual products were recorded, confirmed and transmitted in real time to SAP to be available for further analysis. The activity posting in SAP is done based in real values from the respective machine, including data like setup time, machine time and personal time data. Every component usage and every finished part is posted by the MES to SAP as well. On the one hand, these real-time production data establishes transparency and an overview about the production status. On the other hand, the captured data allows actual analysis and calculations in SAP about efficiency, user behavior, service, time of non-use, etc. f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

38 SOFTWARE At the end of production the produced materials were packed hierarchically by the employee, for example: pieces in a box and the box on a skid. This packaging in handling units (HU) is controlled by the MES system, packing instructions from the SAP-system are considered. Specifications at the location in Suzhou ? dispatch with RF-assistance Normally, at the start of the dispatch process, all relevant materials for delivery will be sent to the packing station. Thanks to the Serkem solution, the dispatch employee can now define when he needs new material for packaging. There is also the option to repack the material, if this is necessary for delivery. He performs a partial stock pick and places an order to run back the remaining material to the original storage location. The completion of delivery is performed by the employee on the scanner as well. All processes in the supply are now done with RF transactions on the scanner, without any inputs on the PC. By using scan-dialogs for quality management, all required processes can be performed directly on the portable device. The employee in the QM is able to lock a material by using the scanner to get it immediately transported to the quarantine store. In the quarantine store, the f+h Intralogistics 4/2016 employees are able to unlock stored materials by performing scanner dialogues and send them back to the warehouse. Alternatively, a return shipment to the supplier can be generated by using the scanner. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Other impressions about the introduced project With the help of the SAP WM-managed quarantine store, it is apparent at any time where exactly in the warehouse which locked material is located. When the incoming goods are booked, the system determines which machine can process the received material. This information is used to create an automatic transport, which delivers the material by forklift to the specific machine. The PDC is now able to record the material at machine level. Graphics: Serkem www.serkem.de


40 RAISING THE BAR in online order fulfilment RUBRIK WAREHOUSING f+h Intralogistics 4/2016





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